Private Yacht Charter Vs. Cruise

By Michelle Gadient | June 13, 2023

One of the significant advantages of a private yacht charter is the flexibility it offers. Unlike cruises that follow a fixed itinerary, yacht charters allow you to tailor the trip according to your preferences.

Cruise Ships

While a cruise seems like a fun idea, they often feel less luxury and more “Hotel”. Cruises often come with a fixed itinerary which allows for less freedom. The food is offered as buffet style and regular restaurant level dining that you can find at home. Some cruise lines offer beverage specials but often times, you end up with an exorbitant bar tab. You may be an extrovert but often, these ships are crowded with other guests and an abundance of employees.

These large groups of people can often lead to coming home sick. When you cruise, you often have to work around the dates they set up for you and you have to go where the ship goes, no special itinerary there. Want to enjoy some water sports? Those often cost extra and you have to wait for your turn. Sound less than desirable? There is a solution…

Private Yacht Charters

Say hello to private charters! Enjoy a private villa feel with your own private chef, meals and drinks customized to your taste and liking! You have the luxury of a flexible itinerary with guests you choose! Bring family, friends, co-workers or take a solo trip. Your crew will be ready to take you to those specials places you can’t get to in a cruise ship.

When you choose to have a Personal Paradise Charter, you get to be in control without doing all the work! You can enjoy the life of luxury sipping a beverage on the beach, enjoying a SeaBob or JetSki, maybe even adventuring with scuba diving. Your vacation is your own and you should be able to decide how it goes.

Ask us how you can enjoy a vacation to remember, one that you make all your own. Discover new destinations and secluded beaches. Private charters are the way to go when you Wanna Escape!