Why Use A Yacht Charter Broker?

By Michelle G. | July 13, 2023

When you hire an independent yacht charter broker, you will get personalized service as you plan your yacht charter vacation. This includes expert advice and assistance that is impartial and unbiased because an independent broker does not work for any particular yacht or yacht charter company. We work for you, the client at no cost to you because the yacht owner pays the broker commission. You could book directly with a small number of companies, but you will pay the same price for the charter as you would using a broker. In addition, all yacht charter brokers earn the same commission and offer the same rates for the yachts. We also have access to a large number of yachts and destinations you may not know about or may not have otherwise considered. This will save you time and effort as you plan your charter.

If booking a crewed yacht charter directly, you typically do not get a crew that works exclusively on that yacht. When crew works on a particular yacht they are not only more familiar with it, but they also tend to take great care with the yacht and work to keep that yacht in the best condition possible.

An independent yacht broker will work diligently to ensure that the yacht options presented personally match what you envision for your ideal charter vacation. We take great care to inspect the yachts and meet the crews. We also are knowledgable about the charter destinations. Another benefit is that we will provide assistance with packing suggestions, booking your travel as well as recommendations on itineraries, including activities you won’t want to miss. We will work with you from the minute you start planning your trip as well as during your charter should you have any questions or concerns your crew cannot address to your satisfaction.

If booking a bareboat charter, you will still benefit from using a broker. We are familiar with the types of yachts and what might be the best overall fit for your group. We also are in tune with companies that may be offering specials.

A good yacht charter broker is a member of at least one reputable yacht charter association. These associations allow us to stay up to date on the latest news regarding yacht charters and destinations. We work in concert to regulate the international industry standards, charter contracts and strict codes of ethics.